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This Week’s Golden Nuggets – Dalio’s Dollar Crisis, Fitt’s U.S. Government “Missing” $21 Trillion and Silver Guru’s End of Empire

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Here is our Friday digest of the important news, commentary, charts and videos we were informed by this week.

The powerful Triumvirate of Ray Dalio, Catherine Austin Fitts and Silver Guru David Morgan are astute analysts of the the markets, economics and politics and all three interviews are required listening.

Dalio is the Founder of the largest hedge fund in the world and a Wall Street insider who now has the ear of government. Austen Fitts was a government insider, serving as a government official in the Reagan administration and is now a critic of Wall Street and the co-opted U.S. government. David Morgan is an outsider and a long term hard money and precious metals advocate (our full podcast interview with him will be released on Monday).

All believe that a dollar crisis and hence a wider global monetary crisis is coming. All believe that gold is the ultimate form of money and will protect people in the next financial and monetary crisis.

Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

Videos This Week





Market Updates and News This Week

Dalio Warns Of Dollar Crisis – “History Is Doomed To Repeat Itself”

Silver Guru Video: “The End of Empire and End of Fiat Currencies”

Silver Is ‘Undervalued’ Relative to Stocks, Bonds, Gold – GoldCore

We Are In “Never Never Land” Accounting As U.S. Government Is “Missing” $21 Trillion

Silver Drop to 32-month Lows Prompts Sellout of Silver Eagle Coins at U.S. Mint

Gold Continues ‘Slow Dance’ Around $1,200 – “Underlying Demand Has Begun To Emerge”

China’s Grip on Rare Earths May Have Proven Too Strong for Trump


Charts This Week

Silver in USD – 10 Years


Source: US Funds via GoldSeek


Source: Bloomberg

Source: Bloomberg


Friday’s News and Commentary


Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

13 Sep: USD 1,206.65, GBP 924.41 & EUR 1,038.68 per ounce
12 Sep: USD 1,197.80, GBP 919.07 & EUR 1,033.10 per ounce
11 Sep: USD 1,194.00, GBP 915.92 & EUR 1,028.75 per ounce
10 Sep: USD 1,195.80, GBP 923.28 & EUR 1,032.45 per ounce
07 Sep: USD 1,200.75, GBP 928.30 & EUR 1,031.32 per ounce
06 Sep: USD 1,204.30, GBP 931.65 & EUR 1,035.82 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

13 Sep: USD 14.23, GBP 10.90 & EUR 12.24 per ounce
12 Sep: USD 14.16, GBP 10.90 & EUR 12.22 per ounce
11 Sep: USD 14.13, GBP 10.85 & EUR 12.19 per ounce
10 Sep: USD 14.22, GBP 10.99 & EUR 12.28 per ounce
07 Sep: USD 14.19, GBP 10.90 & EUR 12.20 per ounce
06 Sep: USD 14.27, GBP 11.03 & EUR 12.27 per ounce

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