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When Should You Sell Your Gold and Silver? (GoldCore Video)

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– Your family who once dismissed you as a crazed gold bug, now herald you as an investment guru!
– When there is widespread confidence in the dollar, euro, pound and all fiat currencies
– When the next financial and monetary crisis is over and a degree of stability and sanity prevails!
– When the massive global debt bubble has burst and the debt burden has been reduced or eliminated
– When banks and sovereigns are not massively indebted and vulnerable
– Gold and silver reach and or surpass their inflation adjusted record highs from 1980 and 2011
– The Gold silver ratio falls to much lower levels – closer to 15 than 90!
– Gold and silver looks expensive relative to depressed financial and property assets
– Towards the end of an interest rate tightening cycle, when depositors get a real yield
– When the front pages of the Financial Times, The Economist etc have positive articles on gold an its price outlook
– See the Cycle of Market Emotions by GoldCore and where we are in the cycle
– Now moving from Depression to Hope and great time to buy on dips
– Sell some of gold and silver when move to Thrill and Euphoria phase

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