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From Bail-Outs to Bail-Ins: Risks and Ramifications

‘From Bail-Outs to Bail-Ins: Risks and Ramifications’ is a research document about one of the most important risks facing investors and savers today – bank and financial institution bail-ins.

The research underpinning this document was carried out by GoldCore in the months immediately after the Cyprus Bail-In was enforced and is a very detailed analysis of the bail-in landscape in the EU and internationally.

This detailed 50 page report covers a wide range of important and relevant bail-in topics:

  • What are Bail-Ins?
  • Cyprus – The First EU Bail-In
  • Who is Driving the Bail-In Regime?
  • The Key Attributes of a Bail-In Regime
  • Bail-Ins in the European Union
  • Bail-Ins in the UK & U.S.
  • Bail-Ins in Australia
  • Bail-Ins in Canada
  • How Likely are Bail-Ins?
  • Where are Bail-Ins Likely to Take Place?
  • When Could Bail-Ins Take Place?
  • What a Bail-In Would Look Like
  • What Should Depositors Do?

GoldCore have argued consistently for the last 10 years that investment diversification is vitally important in order to protect and grow wealth. Now savings diversification has to be considered.

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Mark OByrne


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