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Italian Euro Exit May Have Moved A Little Bit Closer

Gold and Silver Bullion – News and Commentary

Gold gains on U.S. growth data with lingering Italy uncertainty (Reuters.com)

Gold settles higher on weaker dollar, edges down after Fed Beige Book (MarketWatch.com)

Italian Bonds Rebound Before Auction That’s Seen as Litmus Test (Bloomberg.com)

Global equities tumble, bullion hasn’t yet pushed higher (Bloomberg.com)

Signs of overheating in Irish economy, OECD warns (IrishTimes.com)

Italian Euro Exit May Have Moved A Little Bit Closer (MoneyWeek.com)

Europe banks ALERT: Turkey on brink of COLLAPSE as Lira PLUMMETS threatening Euro crisis (Express.co.uk)

Why The Eurozone And The Euro Are Both Doomed (ZeroHedge.com)

China and Russia Planning A Gold Backed Crypto Currency – Rickards (DailyReckoning.com)

Breaking down America’s worst long-term challenges: #1- Debt. (TheDailyBell.com)


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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

30 May: USD 1,298.60, GBP 979.27 & EUR 1,119.26 per ounce
29 May: USD 1,302.05, GBP 983.83 & EUR 1,130.57 per ounce
25 May: USD 1,303.95, GBP 976.53 & EUR 1,113.70 per ounce
24 May: USD 1,296.35, GBP 967.73 & EUR 1,104.88 per ounce
23 May: USD 1,294.00, GBP 967.91 & EUR 1,102.88 per ounce
22 May: USD 1,293.90, GBP 961.24 & EUR 1,095.29 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

30 May: USD 16.37, GBP 12.33 & EUR 14.08 per ounce
29 May: USD 16.48, GBP 12.43 & EUR 14.26 per ounce
25 May: USD 16.67, GBP 12.49 & EUR 14.24 per ounce
24 May: USD 16.51, GBP 12.32 & EUR 14.09 per ounce
23 May: USD 16.53, GBP 12.38 & EUR 14.11 per ounce
22 May: USD 16.58, GBP 12.32 & EUR 14.04 per ounce

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