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Buy Physical Silver Now- Gary Savage

The Fed has indicated that rates will be raised but has offered no indication of when or by how much. Could this cause a melt-up in stocks before we see a massive correction? We ask our guest on this episode of GoldCore TV, Technical Analyst, Gary Savage of Smart Money Tracker. Watch the Video to […]


Gold Rallies as Delta Fears Grow

From the Perth Mint Gold prices rose by almost 4% during July as fears over the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant helped push bond yields lower. Despite the rally, the precious metal remains range bound around USD 1,800 per troy ounce, with the market awaiting a decisive catalyst to determine whether we see more […]


The Changing Role of Gold

In our post on August 11 titled End of an ERA: The Bretton Woods System and Gold Standard Exchange, we discussed the significance of then-President Nixon’s action of closing the gold window thereby ending the Bretton Woods Monetary system. Under the Bretton Woods monetary system, central banks could exchange their US dollar reserves for gold. […]


Flash Crash: Gold Markets Poised to Rebound?

On today’s episode of GoldCore TV, Louis Gave of GaveKal joins Dave Russell to discuss whether the gold market can rebound quickly after the recent flash crash? Louis also gives his interpretation of the current state of financial markets and his views on central banks’ digital currency and the future of Bitcoin. Watch the Video to Learn […]


Gold, Stocks & Commodities- A Complicated Correlation

In our July 29 post titled How Gold Stacks Up Against Stocks, Property, Commodities and Big Macs! we showed readers charts of gold as a ratio to other assets and products. We discussed that gold competes with crypto and stocks for the investment dollars. It was clear that gold as a ratio of the S&P […]


Quantitative Easing: A Boon or Curse?

Central banks’ massive Quantitative Easing (QE) programs have come under scrutiny many times since the central banks fired up the printing press and began quantitative easing programs en masse after the 2008-09 Great Financial Crisis. However, the increase in central bank assets due to quantitative easing programs during the crisis pale in comparison to the […]


How Will Basel III Impact the Gold Market?

How Will Basel III Impact the Gold Market? One of the aftereffects of the Great Financial Crisis was increased regulation. At the center of many of these new regulations were provisions to help identify and limit systematic risk. For example, The Financial Stability Board (FSB) was designed to monitor systematically important financial institutions (these systematic […]


Is Gold Still in a Bull Market?

Today Gareth Soloway, Chief Market Strategist of talks about his technical analysis of gold and silver as well as giving us insights in to the recent moves in Bitcoin and the stock markets. Recent comments from the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell indicated that they may need to raise rates in 2023 (2 years […]


The Fed’s Inflation Gamble Continues

The fed’s inflation gamble continues… Are central banks trapped? Last week’s Fed statement and the press conference that followed proved to be the start of a US$90 (4.8%) decline in the gold price. Fed on Economic Recovery The Summary of Economic Projections (known as the dot-plots) released with the statement showed that committee members changed […]


Gold as a Currency- Interactive Gold Charts

Gold has a long history as a currency and as part of the monetary system. The use of gold as a currency dates back to 600 BC in what is present-day Turkey. Coins were first made of electrum – which is an alloy made up of gold and silver, with trace amounts of other metals. […]


Is Gold Still a Safe Haven Asset?

Another strike against Bitcoin this week. We discuss bitcoin often because it has been touted as an alternative to gold in many circles. Many of these claims are unsubstantiated and some are outright false. Also, as long-term physical metals investors, we care enough to tackle these falsehoods head on. Commercials are circulating from crypto companies […]


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