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Jerome Powell – The Hawk is back

Ex Federal Reserve Advisor Danielle DiMartino Booth sees the new Jay Powell as the old Jay Powell. The Chair of the Federal Reserve has pivoted back to his hawkish stance. The “retiring” of the phrase “transitory inflation” signals Jerome Powell intends to tackle inflation head-on and speed up their plans to taper their bond purchase […]


Why Governments Hate Gold

Do governments hate gold?  The answer: Yes — Governments hate gold because they cannot print it, and it is difficult for them to control. Because they cannot print it or easily control it, gold has little use to them during the never-ending schemes to tax and then redistribute wealth. India is a recent example of […]


Gold and Bitcoin- Besties or Enemies?

Below is a graph of the gold price and Bitcoin since the beginning of the year. Many of the investors in gold and Bitcoin agree that money printing by central banks should stop. They also agree that governments should help people with special programs during a crisis but that once a crisis ends the government […]


Inflation Is Everywhere – Kevin Muir Macro Tourist

Dave Russell of GoldCore TV welcomes Kevin Muir, author of Kevin outlines the factors that are driving inflation and how now Inflation is everywhere Watch the full interview to find out more. Watch the Video to Learn More Make sure you don’t miss a single episode… Subscribe to our YouTube channel Inflation Is HereWatch Peter Boockvar […]


3 Reasons Gold Will Soar When The Fed Tapers

3 Reasons Gold Will Soar When The Fed Tapers Gold and silver finally have some green colour to show instead of red on the pricing screens and has broken upwards out of the channel it has been in since mid-June and the highest it has been since the beginning of September. The gold price has […]


Gold is Boring – That’s Why You Should Own It!

Gold and silver price actions have been the opposite of dramatic for months now, they have been boring. In the last 100 days, gold has moved sideways in the US$100 range between $1725 and $1825.  Silver had a similar experience moving in a US$5 range between $21.50 and $26.50. These ranges are quite small when […]


Inflation Is Here: Peter Boockvar

Dave Russell welcomes Peter Boockvar, Chief Investment Officer of Bleakley Advisory Group and Editor of The Boock Report, to GoldCore TV in this new episode. Peter explains his thoughts on the ongoing rise in inflation and how it affects the future for gold and silver, as well as the economy as a whole. Watch the […]


Why Cathie Wood is Wrong About Inflation

Does the velocity of money need to increase for inflation to take hold? This week a post on Twitter garnered over 2,700 retweets and almost 20,000 likes. The tweet was from Cathie Wood, the founder of Arkinvest. The tweet made the argument that inflation didn’t take hold after 2008-09 because the velocity of money fell […]


Uranium Squeeze AND the Case for Gold – Amir Adnani

Dave Russell, our host today, welcomes Amir Adnani, CEO of GoldMining Inc. He joins us to talk about the supply-side factors affecting the gold prices, The Case for Gold, and the Uranium Squeeze, as well as why he is bullish on both yellow metals. Watch the full interview to find out more. Watch the Video […]


Why Do Central Banks Want Higher Inflation?

Why do Central Banks want higher inflation? The debt ceiling debate in U.S. Congress and related political nonsense brings even more to light the exponential growth in US federal government debt. US government debt has doubled in the 10 years since the last major debacle Congress created over raising the debt ceiling back 2011. The […]


Supply Chain Crisis Effects on Gold & Silver

The broken chain – could the supply crunch be worse than the oil crunch of the 1970s Anyone that has bought a new or used car in the last year has faced higher prices and long wait times for delivery. This is all because of the very small but essential semiconductor, which is in short […]


The Inflation Tide is Turning!

In our post on January 28, 2021 “Gold, The Tried-and-True Inflation Hedge for What’s Coming!” we outlined four reasons that we expect higher inflation over the next several years. The brief bullet points are: Money Supplies have risen dramatically Commodity Prices are rising again Reduced Globalization as ‘Made at Home’ policies are proliferating Pent up […]


Tavi Costa- The Fed is Trapped

Tavi Costa of Crescat Capital joins Dave Russell of GoldCore TV this week. He highlights the basic pillars of inflation and why owning tangible assets like gold and silver is now more important than ever. Watch the full interview to find out more. Watch the Video to Learn More Make sure you don’t miss a […]


Central Banks- Bringing in More Transparency?

Well well well, score one for the good guys! Last week’s post “Central Banking is a Joke, And You Are the Punchline” was about how central banking is a joke played by the rich against regular people.  We really took Fed employees Kaplan and Rosengren to task for trading and owning securities whose markets are actively […]


Central Banking Is A Joke, And You Are The Punchline

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gets paid less than Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Each of them is getting less salary than US President Joe Biden’s US$400,000. Why do we want you to know this?  Because each is paid well enough already. And each of them holds a job that contains implied fiduciary duties to […]


Are We In A Financial Bubble? Peter Grandich Interview

Peter Grandich is Dave Russell’s guest on GoldCore TV this week and talks about how he believes that the US financial, political, and military reputation has been seriously damaged. Watch the Video to Learn More Make sure you don’t miss a single episode… Subscribe to our YouTube channel Don’t Sell Your Gold!Watch Dr. Marc Faber on GoldCore […]


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