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Episode 2 of The M3 report with Marc Faber

Inflation! Trading Places! Marc Faber! Chart Watch! That’s right, it’s episode two of The M3 Report.  It is finally here, what a great way to set you up for the week ahead. Subscribe here if you’re not already receiving alerts.  Click Here to Watch It Now Our maiden episode was a huge success, and we have […]


Gold cheers when the Fed tries to fight the inevitable

Yesterday the Fed released the minutes from the FOMC’s July meeting. There were few surprises, but two things really stood out; members are anxious about inflation and they’re anxious about a recession. As you will read below, this is good news for the gold price and anyone who has already decided to invest in gold. […]


Jim Rickards – Don’t Trust the Fed’s Narrative

“Don’t underestimate the power of a narrative” says our guest on GoldCore TV this week. Jim Rickards joins Dave Russell to talk about perception, the Putin Price Hike and why he believes Ukraine cannot win the war. If you enjoyed the interview, look out for our new look GoldCore TV show, The M3 Report, when […]


Inflation is now out of the control of central banks

When “whatever it takes” means confiscation of wealth One of the reasons people decide to buy gold bullion or add silver coins to their portfolio is because they cannot be devalued. No one can suddenly decide to print more gold or silver! Sadly, this is exactly what happens with currencies around the world. And the […]


When Gold is just Gold: Is Russian Gold Back in Favour?

It’s been an interesting week so far in the world of gold prices and central banks making use of their gold reserves. For those asking if they should buy gold, two events this week provide further arguments on the benefits of holding the precious metal.  There is little doubt that central banks, notably the U.S. […]


Is the Game Over for The Fed?

Unsurprisingly the Fed raised rates yesterday. The price of gold and the silver price rallied, suggesting more people are realising there is little the Fed can do to influence the economy at this stage and so it might be better to take control of their portfolios and invest in gold bullion and buy silver. After […]


How Long Will Inflation Last 2022 – Charles Nenner

What if we told you that you could predict the future? For today’s guest, this is certainly the case when it comes to future market events. He hasn’t got a crystal ball, instead, he has nearly 300 years of historical analysis and models that have led him to the conclusion that markets operate in clear, […]


Hold Gold As It All Boils Down to Counterparty Risk

When investors choose to buy gold bullion or invest in silver bars they are doing so because they wish to reduce their portfolio risk. One of those risks is counterparty risk. If you own shares, then you are exposed to the risk of company management making poor decisions, if you invest in property you are […]


Season 2 of The Goldnomics Podcast – Now Live!

You can also listen to The Goldnomics Podcast on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts Episode 1: Rick Rule on central bank actions and the catastrophic implications for financial markets In the first episode of the new series of The Goldnomics Podcast, GoldCore’s Dave Russell speaks to Rick Rule of Rule Investment Media, formerly of Sprott […]


Gold To New All-time-high When Fed QT Fails

If you’re looking for an erudite yet concise explanation as to why markets are yet to show much concern regarding the current state of global affairs then may we suggest you tune into this week’s interview. Host Dave Russell interviews Don Durrett, founder of, his explanation for why sentiment is the biggest driver of […]


It Turns Out They Really Thought They Had a Crystal Ball

“Many of us smile at old-fashioned fortune-tellers. But when the soothsayers work with computer algorithms rather than tarot cards, we take their predictions seriously and are prepared to pay for them.” Gerd Gigerenzer. We were reminded of the quote above, in the latest In Gold We Trust Report. An annual offering from Ronald Stoerferle and […]


Gold is Not an Investment Asset – Here’s Why

“Gold is not an investment asset”, says this week’s guest Ned Naylor-Leyland. No, we haven’t gone mad and changed our minds on gold and silver investment. We’re just bringing you yet another brilliant guest with some useful insights.  Tune into today’s GoldCore TV interview with fund manager Ned Naylor-Leyland, and find out why his views […]


Central Banks…Why Bother?

Central banks…why bother? Inflation is here and it cannot be contained. US inflation is touching a 40-year high, the UK has hit the 40-year high, and the EU’s has already hit an all-time high. Figures of 8%, 9%, and 7% respectively are bad enough. This gives people strong enough reason to want to abolish central […]


New Russia/China Gold Backed Currency Imminent

We were delighted to welcome Simon Hunt to GoldCore TV this week. David Russell interviewed the expert economist and global observer to ask him about the Russia-Ukraine war, central bank tightening, and the future of the US Dollar hegemony. This is a sobering interview where investors will be interested to hear his take on market […]


Is Gold Starting to Behave Itself?

Gold is doing what it is supposed to do!  Equity markets are tumbling, “NASDAQ 100 Rout Erases $1.5 Trillion in Market Value in 3 Days” reads one Bloomberg headline. The big names such as Apple lost over US$225 billion, Microsoft almost US$200 billion, Amazon and Tesla each lost US$175 billion market value over the three […]


The Fed is all set to battle inflation – Really??

“I think he was…the greatest economic public servant of the era.’ It’s common knowledge that Paul Volcker is a professional hero of Fed Chair Jerome Powell. As inflation in the US climbs, the head of the reserve is working hard to channel some of his hero, but not so much to cause alarm. Unsurprisingly gold […]


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