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People Lose. Swamp Wins. Prepare for Wars

Gold and Silver Bullion – News and Commentary

Gold prices edge up as dollar, Asian stocks ease (Reuters.com)

Stocks Climb After Xi’s Address; Treasuries Slip (Bloomberg.com)

China Is Studying Yuan Devaluation as a Tool in Trade Spat (Bloomberg.com)

China forex reserves rise slightly as U.S. dollar weakness continues (Reuters.com)

Cryptocurrency traders use gold in drive to draw Islamic investors (Reuters.com)

Source: Bloomberg

Why a Trade War Would Hurt Everyone (MoneyWeek.com)

Trump’s ‘America First’ Puts the Dollar Last – Deutsche Bank (Bloomberg.com)

Trump’s power struggle with China isn’t about trade (GulfNews.com)

China has the ‘financial arsenic’ to ruin the US – Will it use it? (SMH.com)

Gold and silver futures were easy targets for spoofers (ComexWeHaveAProblem)

JPMorgan Spots A Rare “Bad Omen” For The Market (ZeroHedge.com)

Illinois Enters Its Death Spiral (DollarCollapse.com)

People Lose. Swamp Wins. (BonnerAndPartners.com)

Preparing for War (InternationalMan.com)


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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

09 Apr: USD 1,328.50, GBP 941.91 & EUR 1,082.33 per ounce
06 Apr: USD 1,325.60, GBP 946.08 & EUR 1,082.75 per ounce
05 Apr: USD 1,327.05, GBP 943.67 & EUR 1,080.75 per ounce
04 Apr: USD 1,343.15, GBP 955.52 & EUR 1,092.79 per ounce
03 Apr: USD 1,336.60, GBP 949.65 & EUR 1,085.99 per ounce
29 Mar: USD 1,323.90, GBP 941.69 & EUR 1,075.80 per ounce
28 Mar: USD 1,341.05, GBP 946.24 & EUR 1,082.23 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

09 Apr: USD 16.34, GBP 11.59 & EUR 13.32 per ounce
06 Apr: USD 16.28, GBP 11.61 & EUR 13.30 per ounce
05 Apr: USD 16.31, GBP 11.59 & EUR 13.28 per ounce
04 Apr: USD 16.46, GBP 11.72 & EUR 13.40 per ounce
03 Apr: USD 16.52, GBP 11.78 & EUR 13.44 per ounce
29 Mar: USD 16.28, GBP 11.58 & EUR 13.21 per ounce
28 Mar: USD 16.46, GBP 11.63 & EUR 13.28 per ounce

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