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Poland Makes Its Biggest Gold Purchase Since 1998

Gold and Silver Bullion – News and Commentary

Poland Makes Its Biggest Gold Purchase Since 1998 (Bloomberg.com)

Bank of Nova Scotia charged by CFTC with spoofing in gold, silver futures (MarketWatch.com)

Gold edges up, but NAFTA deal weighs (Reuters.com)

ISM manufacturing index in September falls slightly on concerns over tariffs, supply issues (MarketWatch.com)

In Trump win, Canada, U.S. deal saves NAFTA as trilateral pact (Reuters.com)

Source: Bloomberg

When will the slow-burning crisis in Italy ignite? (MoneyWeek.com)

Gold’s Bottom Could Be Investors’ Lost Treasure (Forbes.com)

How a WWI navy crew embarked on a secret British mission to salvage 44 tonnes of gold bars worth £1.3 billion (DailyMail.co.uk)

Helicopters in Demand as Empire Crumbles – Keiser Report (Youtube.com)

Bitcoin and other cryptos won’t dent gold’s shine, says Morningstar analyst (MarketWatch.com)

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

01 Oct: USD 1,185.30, GBP 907.94 & EUR 1,021.02 per ounce
28 Sep: USD 1,183.50, GBP 906.44 & EUR 1,020.41 per ounce
27 Sep: USD 1,196.00, GBP 911.59 & EUR 1,020.91 per ounce
26 Sep: USD 1,198.80, GBP 910.49 & EUR 1,018.86 per ounce
25 Sep: USD 1,199.45, GBP 912.30 & EUR 1,019.77 per ounce
24 Sep: USD 1,198.75, GBP 913.69 & EUR 1,018.70 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

01 Oct: USD 14.55, GBP 11.16 & EUR 12.53 per ounce
28 Sep: USD 14.31, GBP 10.97 & EUR 12.35 per ounce
27 Sep: USD 14.42, GBP 10.98 & EUR 12.31 per ounce
26 Sep: USD 14.48, GBP 11.01 & EUR 12.32 per ounce
25 Sep: USD 14.29, GBP 10.86 & EUR 12.15 per ounce
24 Sep: USD 14.32, GBP 10.90 & EUR 12.17 per ounce

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