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Press Release: GoldCore launches online gold trading to deal with huge increase in global demand for gold coins and bars.

GoldCore, an internationally recognised bullion dealer, has launched Ireland’s and the UK’s first online gold bullion trading and storage service.  Using technology exclusively developed in Ireland, GoldCore customers can login to its Precious Metals trading platform and buy, sell and store gold bars and coins.

The PM trading platform was designed and built in response to customer requests for a trading solution to enable them to buy and sell bullion in multiple currencies in real time with the added advantage of being able to select from a range of secure vaulting locations around the globe in Zurich, London, Hong Kong and the USA.

Since its establishment in 2003 GoldCore has built an international customer base of over 4,000 customers in some 40 countries. In that time, servicing its global customer base from offices in Dublin and London, GoldCore has securely transacted over $500 million in bullion purchases on behalf of its customers.

Looking to service this growing international demand for gold bars and coins, Stephen Flood, chief executive officer of GoldCore, said: “Our research shows that there is a significant demand amongst Irish, UK and international investors not only to buy and sell gold at competitive prices, but also to store gold in safe jurisdictions around the world. Up to the introduction of our PM platform you had to call our bullion team and transact over the telephone which is expedient and efficient but a growing number of our customers wanted online trading, the same as they have for many of their other investment classes.” He continued: “The PM platform is part of our continuing effort to enable our customers and the market-at-large to have greater access to the gold market. Access to the PM platform is very straightforward, there is no software to download or install, all you require is internet access and sufficient funds to purchase your chosen gold bullion product.”

 Physical demand for coins and bars internationally continues and is the strongest since the immediate aftermath of the Lehman Brothers collapse on September 15, 2008, and the consequent global financial crisis. Deposits of over €100,000 are likely to be hit in the event of future European bank collapses, according to a proposal put forward by the Irish presidency of the European Council ahead of a key meeting of finance ministers next week. This is leading to increased demand for gold across the European Union.

Flood notes “governments are set to keep adding liquidity and for many investors the recent drop in the gold price was a great buying opportunity. With inflation set to be a major challenge in the next few years and the distinct possibility of deposit confiscations, there is no doubt that gold will reverse its recent drop in price and also come to be recognised by the broader business community as a mainstream investment asset. GoldCore is positioned to take advantage of the increased global gold demand as it will fuel the need for online trading platforms that empower investors to buy, sell and hold their bullion purchases in the most secure way possible.”



About GoldCore

Founded in 2003 GoldCore are respected international bullion dealers who are experts in the execution and logistics of the highly specialised precious metals market.

With offices in Dublin and London, and some 4,000 clients in over 40 countries, GoldCore has forged a deep understanding of how the global bullion markets operate, and as such, gives us a competitive edge in buying and selling, and shipping and vaulting bullion on behalf of our client base. Our team of bullion experts service all investor classes from private individuals to companies and institutional investors and to date has executed over $500m in transactions.

 GoldCore Precious Metals Trading Platform

The GoldCore Precious Metals trading platform is purposely designed to provide scalable and secure online trading in the buying, selling and storing of precious metals. The PM platform enables real time trading of precious metals in multi-currency and allocation of purchased metals in a selection of vaulting locations in Zurich, London, Hong Kong and the USA.


For further information, please contact:

Michael O’Brien

Head of Marketing & Communications

t: Irl: 01 6325010 UK: 203 086 9200 

e: michael.obrien@goldcore.com



Mark OByrne


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