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Putin’s Gold Rush: Russia Is Dumping US Dollars To Hoard Gold Bullion

News and Commentary

Gold slips as equities gain on trade talk progress, China data (Reuters.com)

Russian banks join Chinese alternative to SWIFT payment system (RT.com)

Oil prices rise, adding to biggest quarterly gain in 10 years (Reuters.com)

Asia lifted as Wall Street climbs on trade developments, pound sags (Reuters.com)

U.S. Mint American Eagle gold coin sales fall 8 pct in March (Reuters.com)

Source: Bloombrg via Yahoo

Russia is dumping U.S. dollars to hoard gold (Yahoo.com)

Why Russia Is Dumping Dollars And Buying Gold At The Fastest Pace In Decades (ZeroHedge.com)

Global Bond-Market Investors Are Getting Really Nervous (Bloomberg.com)

Russia now can cover its debt dollar for dollar in cash (IntelliNews.com)

White House calls for Fed to reverse U.S. rate hikes (Reuters.com)

Hunter for Nazi Gold Train Finds Renaissance Wall Portraits Instead (TheVintageNews.com)

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Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

29 Mar: USD 1,291.15, GBP 991.09 & EUR 1,151.19 per ounce
28 Mar: USD 1,306.90, GBP 995.20 & EUR 1,161.18 per ounce
27 Mar: USD 1,318.25, GBP 997.78 & EUR 1,168.23 per ounce
26 Mar: USD 1,315.25, GBP 993.15 & EUR 1,162.02 per ounce
25 Mar: USD 1,319.35, GBP 1001.39 & EUR 1,165.82 per ounce
22 Mar: USD 1,311.10, GBP 998.80 & EUR 1,159.41 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

29 Mar: USD 15.10, GBP 11.52 & EUR 13.45 per ounce
28 Mar: USD 15.19, GBP 11.58 & EUR 13.53 per ounce
27 Mar: USD 15.40, GBP 11.65 & EUR 13.65 per ounce
26 Mar: USD 15.44, GBP 11.66 & EUR 13.65 per ounce
25 Mar: USD 15.52, GBP 11.77 & EUR 13.72 per ounce
22 Mar: USD 15.46, GBP 11.75 & EUR 13.68 per ounce

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