Marc Westlake

The Diversification Benefits of Gold

You may have heard the old Wall Street Saying,” Put 10% of your money into Gold and hope it doesn't work". Well its seems to be true, our research team here at GoldCore have run some interesting numbers and have found that a simple portfolio mix of Gold and equities throws up some very solid numbers indeed. Have a look at our Research Report below for yourself.


Shifting wealth: Is the US dollar Empire falling?

  If history is any guide, the Chinese renminbi will soon be due to overtake the US dollar, just as the dollar replaced the pound sterling last century. But will the renminbi be ready for reserve currency status? This column discusses the issues at hand and explains why some experts would prefer the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights as the next global reserve currency.

Just ahead of the G20 London Summit in April, Zhou Xiaochuan (China's central bank governor) proposed replacing the US dollar as the international reserve currency with a new global system controll