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Rollover: Essential Movie Viewing in these Unprecedented Financial and Economic Times

Rollover is the story of faded Hollywood siren Jane Fonda who inherits a multi-million dollar company after her powerful bank president husband is murdered. While trying to find her dead love’s killer, she runs his corporation with the help of charming banker Kris Kristofferson in the weeks before a worldwide currency and financial collapse.


It was the 1981 movie Jane Fonda "got made" after her exploration of the dangers of nuclear power in the "China Syndrome" back in 1979. She was driving to tell the story of real money – gold and how people throughout the world value gold as real money while most Americans and people in western societies don’t understand gold and have forgotten its importance and value.


The plot line is about wealthy Arab investors not rolling over their certificates of deposits (CDs) in American banks and buying gold in order to hedge themselves against a fall in the dollar and paper currencies … and what the loss of those foreign investments means to the financial establishment in New York and the international financial and monetary system.


Rollover: Financial Apocalypse


This movie was a "financial thriller" and there are not many of these movies made. Movies need bank financing, and banks usually won’t finance anything that makes them look bad or stupid. They show "It’s a Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart on TV only once a year now because it shows "run on the bank" at the Bailey Savings and Loan – not something the financial establishment wants Americans to even think about. This movie is important in helping to understand the current international financial and monetary system and along with Oliver Stone’s "Wall Street" and "Boiler Room" are movies that shed light on the financial world in which we live today. In 2008, it’s even more important for people to understand the relationships between paper money and gold.


Rollover: A Frightening Worldwide Currency Crisis


Rollover has a powerful scene near the end when the U.S. bank, that Kris Kristofferson has been working for, gets word that "the Arabs are yanking their money out of the bank" and the banks head trader orders all the traders to get on the phone and sell everything immediately – US Treasuries, US government bonds, Fannie Mae bonds, Eurodollars CDs  … and “buy as much bullion as you can get hands on".


In minutes, gold has surged to over $2,000/oz and the head trader says buy more gold because that “will be cheap by tonight”.  He then calls his wife and asks her to go down to the bank with a suitcase to get their savings out before the banking collapse.


The next day people all over the world see their life savings became worthless in a matter of hours. Protesters burning worthless US dollar bills in bonfires outside the White House. The CNN newscaster speaks of a “Bankrupt world teetering on the very edge of anarchy.”


Fascinating movie and essential viewing in these unprecedented financial and economic times.


Mark O'Byrne
Executive Director


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