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Three Charts That Show Gold Is Going To $1,400

Gold and Silver Bullion – News and Commentary

Gold recoups half of last week’s loss as dollar softens (MarketWatch.com)

Equity Rally Builds From Sydney to Hong Kong (Bloomberg.comr)

Australia’s Top Gold Miner Boosts Bets on Ecuador’s Riches (Bloomberg.com)

Markets fret over Federal Reserve’s approach under new chair Powell (Reuters.com)

Treasury secretary urges markets to shrug off worries over tax cuts, debt (Bloomberg.com)

Source: CNBC

Three Charts That Show Gold Is Going To $1,400 (CNBC.com)

ECB accuses Trump of ‘currency war’ as surging euro exposes Europe’s fragility (Telegraph.co.uk)

Lessons From the Oracle: Warren Buffett’s Shareholder Letter, Annotated (Bloomberg.com)

With rates extremely low, Fed officials fret over next recession (Reuters.com)

Here’s what rising U.S. interest rates mean for the global economy (StansBerryChurcHouse.com)

Exchange For Physical (EFP) Remain Very High – 6,600 Ton Per 30 Day Month (HarveyOrganBlog.com)

Silver; Mother of All Bullish “Cup & Handle” Patterns? (ZeroHedge.com)

Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

26 Feb: USD 1,339.05, GBP 953.00 & EUR 1,085.30 per ounce
23 Feb: USD 1,328.90, GBP 951.09 & EUR 1,079.20 per ounce
22 Feb: USD 1,323.50, GBP 952.66 & EUR 1,076.40 per ounce
21 Feb: USD 1,328.60, GBP 952.87 & EUR 1,078.16 per ounce
20 Feb: USD 1,337.40, GBP 955.97 & EUR 1,083.83 per ounce
19 Feb: USD 1,347.40, GBP 961.10 & EUR 1,085.47 per ounce
16 Feb: USD 1,358.60, GBP 964.61 & EUR 1,086.47 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

26 Feb: USD 16.67, GBP 11.88 & EUR 13.52 per ounce
23 Feb: USD 16.61, GBP 11.88 & EUR 13.50 per ounce
22 Feb: USD 16.47, GBP 11.86 & EUR 13.40 per ounce
21 Feb: USD 16.44, GBP 11.80 & EUR 13.35 per ounce
20 Feb: USD 16.57, GBP 11.85 & EUR 13.42 per ounce
19 Feb: USD 16.72, GBP 11.92 & EUR 13.46 per ounce
16 Feb: USD 16.84, GBP 11.97 & EUR 13.49 per ounce

Recent Market Updates

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