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Invest In Gold As a Hedge In Cashless Society – Ex IMF Rogoff

– Invest in gold as a hedge, in pensions & as a store of value – Rogoff – Investing in and owning gold as a hedge will become more important as it will have “enormous value” in a cashless society – Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not an effective replacement for paper money … but gold’s […]


Valentine’s Day Record Spending Due to Gold Love Trade?

Gold Love Trade Could Set New Valentine’s Spending Record Happy Valentine’s Day! This Valentine’s Day might best be remembered for two things in particular writes Frank Holmes via Forbes. One, for the first time in 153 years, candy lovers won’t be able to pick up a box of Sweethearts, those classic heart-shaped candies bearing sweet […]


Gold Prices In Pounds and Euros Gain More as Economic Growth Falters in the UK and EU

– Gold prices in pounds and euros as economic growth falters in UK and EU – Euro & pound gold tests multi year resistance; likely to surpass due to strong demand   – Improved risk appetite sees stocks rise which may be hampering stronger gains for gold – Investors concerns regarding trade wars, Brexit, Italexit, the economic […]


UK Investors Move To Store Their Gold Bullion In Ireland

UK Investors Move To Store Their Gold Bullion In Ireland via RTE News, Radio and TV GoldCore has recently transported gold bullion coins and bars weighing nearly 2,000 troy ounces (over 60 kilos) and worth more than €2m into Ireland from the UK. This is believed to be the largest legitimate movement of gold bullion […]


Large Gold Bullion Shipment Moves From London to Dublin Gold Vaults As Brexit Concerns Deepen

-Large Gold Bullion Shipment Moves From London to Dublin Gold Vaults As Brexit Concerns Deepen – Growing demand from investors to relocate tangible assets out of the UK – “Zurich continues to be the most sought-after location for storage, but Dublin has already surpassed Hong Kong and will likely usurp the second spot from London” Ireland’s […]


Store Gold Bullion In Safest Ways – Learning from Tragic Venezuela Today

– Store gold bullion in the safest ways possible and learn from Venezuela’s gold battle with the Bank of England and Trump’s White House – What in the world is happening in Venezuela and to the people of Venezuela’s gold? – How you store gold and invest in gold is vitally important in these uncertain times […]


The Vital Importance of Gold As A Strategic Asset In 2019

The Relevance of Gold As A Strategic Asset (2019) – World Gold Council Gold is a highly liquid yet scarce asset, and it is no one’s liability. It is bought as a luxury good and store of value as much as an investment. As such, gold can play four fundamental roles in a portfolio: a source […]


ITALEXIT: Italy’s Debt Crisis Will Lead To Banking Crisis, Euro Exit and Will “Rock EU To Its Foundations”

– ITALEXIT: Italy to crash out of Euro and ‘rock EU to its foundations’ – Italy’s debt crisis will lead to default, exit from the euro, or both claims respected economist Bootle – Italy has fallen back into recession with its economy shrinking by 0.2% in the last quarter – “When Italy finally blows up, it will cause […]


“Right” Trump and “Left” Ocasio-Cortez Will Join Forces And Debase The Dollar

– Intellectuals are laying the groundwork for “a tower of debt higher than any ever seen in world history” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Donald J Trump (DJT) will soon be on the same side by coming to love massive debt, “$2-trillion federal deficits,” ultra loose monetary policies and the debasement of the dollar – Beyond “good and […]


7 Financial Truths In An Uncertain 2019

7. Diversify, diversify, diversify – Truly balance your savings and investments 6. Avoid leverage and speculation and focus on saving and owning quality assets 5. Don’t make money the guiding principle for what you have or do 4. Own gold/ silver (in safest ways) & focus on value rather than price in fiat $, €, […]


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