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Global Supply of Gold and Silver Coins and Bars Evaporated In Safe Haven Rush

GoldCore remain open for business unlike many dealers, mints and refineries (see News below) and we continue to buy bullion coins and bars and sell gold bars (1 kilo). The supply situation changes hour to hour.

We, like the entire industry have experienced record demand in recent days and the global supply of gold and silver bullion coins (legal tender 1 oz) and gold bars (in 1 oz and 10 oz formats) has quickly evaporated. We continue to have gold bars (1 kilo) for now.

Most of the largest gold refineries and mints in the world have closed their refining and minting operations for the next two weeks and this suspension in production may become longer which is and will badly impact supply. Large gold mining companies have mothballed some of their gold production and there are delivery issues from mines to refiners and mints as the global precious metals supply chain comes under pressure…

◆ Individual, gold and silver bullion coins and bars are currently unavailable for delivery or storage. For now we still have gold kilo bars.

We are making a market in Perth Mint Certificates Gold and Silver. Some investors are buying the PMCP with a view to converting to coins and bars for delivery or segregated storage when coins and bars become available again.

 Open an account here and email us at support@goldcore.com in order to be placed on our client waiting list.

◆ Our minimum orders are now $5,000 and our maximum credit card transactions are now $10,000.

All recent orders will be held in our secure vaults and delivered as soon as is feasible when transport systems return to normal. There may be delays in the delivery of existing orders.

◆ We will only be buying coins and bars from clients who have their assets stored in GoldCore Secure Storage for the foreseeable future due to the suspension of deliveries by the leading transport companies.

◆ Globally premiums on gold and silver coins and bars are set to increase significantly on the buy side and premiums are also increasing on the sell side.


Gold surges 2% after Fed unveils new stimulus plans

Three Swiss gold refineries suspend production due to virus threat

FT: Gold bars in short supply due to coronavirus disruption

BREAKING: U.S. Fed amounts aggressive new steps to combat coronavirus hit to economy

BREAKING: Fed launches a slew of new programs to help markets, including asset purchases ‘in the amounts needed’

Europe considers ‘Corona Bonds’ as a way to pay for coronavirus crisisFed aims ‘bazooka’ at coronavirus to boost economy

Watch interview here

Gold in Euros (15 Years)

Gold in GBP (15 Years)


20-Mar-20 1504.45 1494.40, 1275.32 1258.28 & 1400.34 1391.59
19-Mar-20 1480.70 1474.25, 1285.54 1257.83 & 1369.94 1365.89
18-Mar-20 1506.00 1498.20, 1254.50 1271.22 & 1367.00 1378.04
17-Mar-20 1472.35 1536.20, 1212.04 1275.66 & 1331.00 1400.40
16-Mar-20 1504.65 1487.70, 1223.28 1210.54 & 1346.36 1338.93
13-Mar-20 1588.15 1562.80, 1258.61 1248.83 & 1422.66 1407.30
12-Mar-20 1636.65 1570.70, 1284.28 1246.35 & 1457.11 1410.96
11-Mar-20 1662.50 1653.75, 1284.78 1279.01 & 1468.65 1462.25
10-Mar-20 1657.40 1655.70, 1269.40 1273.23 & 1460.00 1455.86
09-Mar-20 1676.60 1672.50, 1280.75 1272.94 & 1469.04 1462.10

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