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Gold Slips as Fed Signals More Hikes to Come

Yesterday the FOMC concluded their September meeting yesterday, leaving rates at their 22-year high. It signalled another rate hike was coming, this side of Christmas. The FOMC also amended its projection for 2024 rates, raising them from 4.6% to 5.1%. Unsurprisingly the US dollar surged whilst gold fell back. Prior to the FOMC statement gold […]


When The Weight of Inflation Becomes Too Much 

In a comment to MarketWatch last week we said that traders this week would be most focused on the CPI report that came out yesterday. In that very report, Inflation came in hot, above expectations, and posted its biggest monthly increase in August this year. It’s up 3.7% from a year ago. However, markets didn’t […]


Should We Worry About The Strong US Dollar?

Over the August period, it’s easy for people to switch off and to some extent, it might feel like the precious metals have been doing the very same! However, if you look at the YTD performance of gold across key currencies in the World Gold Council table provided below then you will take some heart […]


Hammerhead Sharks, BRICS and Central Bankers

This week the world has needed the eyes of a hammerhead shark in order to keep track of the meetings that are taking place.  First up the BRICS nations, and interested parties, met in Johannesburg for the 15th summit of the group.  And, yesterday saw the start of the Fed’s annual three day Economic Policy […]


Does A BRICS Gold Currency Really Matter?

Next Tuesday the BRICS nations will meet in South Africa for the group’s 15th summit. This could be a game changer for gold. For something that only officially existed eight years after the term ‘BRICs’ was created, the bloc known as “The BRICS” has rapidly gone from an informal term for a group of fledgling […]


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