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US Federal Reserve Sticks To The Script But For How Long?

Those watching the gold price and price of silver will have noticed the sharp uptick following the Federal Reserve’s announcement, yesterday. This was despite the Fed doing exactly what everyone expected them to do. For now, the Federal Reserve is sticking to its relatively well-telegraphed plan but how long will it be until they need […]


China and the US at sovereign debt war

US dollar hegemony has long been a standard feature of the global financial and economic system. But developments in recent years and months (weeks, even) suggests there are more than a handful of countries who are looking to rely less on the US dollar. Instead, countries who have long been at the mercy of the […]


What happens if the debt ceiling raises

It’s that time again when the US government has to prepare itself for an internal battle to raise the debt ceiling so it can meet various obligations. This is a merry dance that has been danced before, as we mention below. For sure, every time it happens fewer and fewer people are convinced of the […]


Here are three things you can learn from the Fed

Anyone who has decided to buy gold, or follows the gold price will be aware of how powerful the US Federal Reserve is. This year the Federal Reserve will turn 110 years old, only in recent years is dollar hegemony appearing to falter. Below we look at the central bank’s origins and three lessons we […]


Your Wealth Will Save Central Banks!

Today we ask, what is wealth? As we start a new year many will be looking at their portfolios and wondering what 2023 will have in store for them. Similar to 2022, we suspect there will be a lot of unknowns. As with anything unforeseen, it’s a good idea to have some insurance. This is […]


The 5,000 year History of Gold and Silver

Throughout 2022 Goldcore has been reminding readers that physical gold and silver investment is the best way to avoid the damaged systems run by governments. We have reminded readers that precious metals have no counterparty needed to vouch for or to approve their value, a fact which keeps them outside of the ‘system’. Next week […]


Gold, Rate Hikes and The Central Bank Illusion?

They say Christmas is a time for giving, and this is exactly the approach of central banks this year. Last week four central banks gave us interest rate hikes alongside hints at future hikes. This was as expected but what no one quite expected was the new counterintuitive approach they seem to be taking. This […]


Has the Fed reached peak hawkishness?

Laurence J. Peter said, “An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn’t happen today.” Right now we think this might be the motto that helps central bankers sleep at night. Terrifying as that may seem, investors do not have to just “wait-and-see” what impact central bank policies […]


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