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Gold: The Answer To Being Debanked?

It is said that the term ‘bank’ comes from the Italian ‘banca’ meaning bench. This is back when we used banks as safe havens for storing multiple real assets, particularly gold. The shelves on which the gold was stored were referred to as ‘the bank’ or ‘banks’. Hence we now ‘bank’ our money and use […]


Economies and Central Banks: The Disconnect

This week we bring you a short half-year update on the gold and silver price, but after that we are once again forced to ask “What Are Central Banks Playing At?”. They have all the potential to do great things like a small child (if you will) but also like a small child they keep […]


A skip, a pause, a shift? … What’s next for the Fed?

The Fed did not increase interest rates further this week, but updated projections show the committee has increased how high they expect rates will go this year.  Markets and their participants spend a long time trying to predict the Fed’s and other central banks’ next moves, but when it comes to wealth preservation this isn’t […]


Global Debt Crisis: Pretend and Extend?

Those who have chosen to invest in gold bars or to buy silver coins have often done so because they fear the mismanagement of the monetary system. This week has offered further reassurance that investors are right to want to own gold in a balanced portfolio because yet another fight about the US debt ceiling […]


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