Turbulence and Brexit Make Safer Options Like Gold and Cash Essential

– Turbulent markets and Brexit mean it is essential to consider safer options like gold
– You need to take some risk in a portfolio – cash, gold and planning are essential
– To build a financial fortune & long-term wealth one must diversify assets & own gold
– “Physical gold (bars & coins) can be bought from an online bullion dealer –the likes of Goldcore” writes Jeff Prestridge for This Is Money UK
– Gold is considered by many to be a “safe haven in stormy times”

Gold Britannias 2019 (1oz) – Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Free in UK 

by Jeff Prestridge for This is Money:

Accumulating sufficient wealth to take us into – and through – retirement usually requires a near lifetime of patient saving and investing.

It involves putting money in the building society, buying a home (maybe a buy-to-let too), paying into the works pension, managing a share portfolio and taking out a tax-friendly Isa.

Often the journey is smooth but, on occasions, hiccups de-rail it – unexpected events such as redundancy and unnerving episodes such as sliding stock markets. Certainly, recent sharp falls in equity prices have unsettled many investors.

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News and Commentary

May Faces Worst Government Defeat in 95 Years in Brexit Vote (Bloomberg.com)

Gold steady as dollar gains on fears of economic slowdown (Reuters.com)

Gold prices finish higher, but $1,300 remains just out of reach (MarketWatch.com)

Newmont takes top gold producer spot with $10 billion Goldcorp buy (Reuters.com)

Wall Street falls as China prompts global slowdown worries (Reuters.com)

Source: Marketwatch

Turbulent markets make it essential to consider safer options like gold (GoldCore in ThisIs Money) (ThisIsMoney.co.uk)

U.K. Economy Won’t Ride Out Brexit Uncertainty This Time (Bloomberg.com)

Germany – Europe’s biggest economy is in danger of entering a ‘technical’ recession (MarketWatch.com)

Explosion in U.S. debt foretells dollar’s devaluation against gold (Tocqueville.com)

2019 Will Be “Turbulent”: Gold and Silver To Outperform Most Assets (GoldSeek.com)

Gold and Commodities Set to Soar in 2019 (Forbes.com)

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Gold Prices (LBMA PM)

14 Jan: USD 1,293.70, GBP 1,007.02 & EUR 1,129.27 per ounce
11 Jan: USD 1,298.80, GBP 1,012.91 & EUR 1,123.96 per ounce
10 Jan: USD 1,292.40, GBP 1,012.98 & EUR 1,121.54 per ounce
09 Jan: USD 1,281.30, GBP 1,006.41 & EUR 1,118.32 per ounce
08 Jan: USD 1,291.90, GBP 1,006.71 & EUR 1,121.62 per ounce
07 Jan: USD 1,291.50, GBP 1,013.83 & EUR 1,129.03 per ounce
04 Jan: USD 1,290.35, GBP 1,016.80 & EUR 1,131.24 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

14 Jan: USD 15.61, GBP 12.13 & EUR 13.61 per ounce
11 Jan: USD 15.68, GBP 12.23 & EUR 13.60 per ounce
10 Jan: USD 15.70, GBP 12.33 & EUR 13.63 per ounce
09 Jan: USD 15.62, GBP 12.27 & EUR 13.64 per ounce
08 Jan: USD 15.64, GBP 12.24 & EUR 13.64 per ounce
07 Jan: USD 15.75, GBP 12.35 & EUR 13.77 per ounce
04 Jan: USD 15.70, GBP 12.40 & EUR 13.76 per ounce

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