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International Hacking Group Steals $300 Million – Global Digital Banking System Not Secure

– Sophisticated “Ocean’s 11” style heist is one of the largest in history – Hackers remotely accessed bank computers to manipulate accounts and A.T.M.s. – Banking groups make no comment – Details expose incredible systemic vulnerability An international group of cyber criminals have stolen at least $300,000,000 from over 100 banking and financial institutions in […]


Euro Gold Surges To EUR 1,168 After Greek Election Landslide

The crushing victory of the Greek opposition party Syriza in yesterday’s Greek elections has added to jitters in already jittery financial and foreign exchange markets. The euro tumbled and gold in euros surged to its highest level since April 2013, at €1,167.94/oz as markets opened in Asia. The euro has since stablized but remains near […]


Gold Demand Explodes as Volatility and Fear Stalk Market

Although the extent to which the surprise move by the Swiss National Bank last week has damaged financial institutions will not be apparent until the end of the month, it is already clear that enormous damage has been wreaked on many businesses exposed to the foreign exchange markets. GoldCore has seen significant increase in gold […]


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