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SWIFT Ban: A Game Changer for Russia?

As part of the sanctions against Russia, seven Russian banks have been cut off from SWIFT. We start by discussing what SWIFT is, and then the implications of completely cutting Russia out of SWIFT. What is SWIFT and Why Russia is Being Excluded SWIFT – The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication is a messaging […]


The Truth About The National Debt- Ex-US Comptroller General

On today’s episode of GoldCore TV, David Russell welcomes David M Walker, the former Comptroller General of the United States, to discuss the National Debt Crisis in the United States and how only a deepening of the problem will force policymakers to take unpopular steps necessary to avoid disaster.  How much worse will the situation […]


Why Gold is not Your Productive Asset

This week, Tom Bodrovics of Palisades Gold Radio was joined by Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore to discuss the concerns about Fed mandates and how higher interest rates may lower inflation but may kill the economy. Watch the full episode to learn why Stephen believes gold is not your productive asset and where he discusses […]


Investors Scramble for Gold as Russia Invades Ukraine

Gold has rallied strongly on the news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It has rallied above at US$1,970. The invasion occurred as the US and Europe start sanctions against Russia. The U.S. and its European allies on Tuesday announced a broad range of sanctions against Russia for what President Biden called “the beginning of a Russian invasion […]


Gold is Needed as a Safe Haven Investment Now More than Ever!

Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore was welcomed by Jimmy Atkinson and Andy Hagans of The Alternative Investment Podcast where they discuss the compelling reasons why gold should be an integral part of portfolios during these times. Increases in the threats of cyber warfare, geopolitical tension, and continued inflationary pressures means that investors need to strongly […]


These 2 Catalysts Will Influence the Gold Price

In our post on February 10, 2022 “The Bank of England: There’s Only One Solution!” we wrote about the Bank of England governor’s solution to inflation was for workers to exercise ‘wage restraint’ when negotiating higher wages. And this week we share the chart below from Bloomberg which sums up in one chart the truth […]


The Bank of England: There’s Only One Solution!

Central Bankers have lost all sense of reality… It is no secret that central banks have turned their full attention to the high inflation numbers. And there is little doubt in most consumers’ minds that prices of everyday goods and services are rising faster than official measures indicate. The Bank of England is no exception […]


Gareth Soloway- Risk is for a Deeper Correction

This week on GoldCore TV, Dave Russell welcomes back Gareth Soloway of to talk about what his charts are suggesting for stock markets, bond markets, oil, Bitcoin, gold, silver, and gold miners. Click the Video Below to Watch Make sure you don’t miss a single episode… Subscribe to our YouTube channel Should You Invest In Gold […]


Should You Invest In Gold 2022-The Rick Rule Interview

Dave Russell of GoldCore TV welcomes Rick Rule, the founder, and CEO of Rule Investment Media, to highlight the catastrophic implications for financial markets as the result of Central Bank actions and why he believes that the precious metals market have a significant upside. Click the Video Below to Watch Make sure you don’t miss […]


The ‘Fed Put’ – Gone Until There’s Blood in the Streets

The ‘Fed put’ – gone until there’s blood in the streets Well, it’s happening.  Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies are sharply down, along with equity markets in many advanced economies. And the Federal Reserve (the U.S. Central Bank) statement and press conference on Wednesday didn’t indicate any backing down from raising interest rates, maybe as soon […]


Jim Rogers 2022- The Worst Bear Market is Coming

Legendary investor and adventure capitalist Jim Rogers joins Dave Russell of GoldCore TV to discuss the next bear market, China’s decline, and his top investments. Watch the full episode to learn more. Click the Video Below to Watch Make sure you don’t miss a single episode… Subscribe to our YouTube channel Silver Price Prediction 2022Watch ‘Silver Guru’ […]


European Energy Crisis: 4 Things You MUST Know!

European Energy Crisis: 4 Reasons You MUST Know! European households are facing rising prices on many goods and services, but one particular standout is electricity and gas bills. According to Bank of America, European household gas bills are expected to rise to €1,850 in 2022 from €1,200 in 2020 (an ~55% increase). Natural gas prices […]


Silver Price Prediction 2022: David Morgan

This week, ‘The Silver Guru’ David Morgan of The Morgan Report joins Dave Russell to explore what might happen in the silver market in 2022, as well as what makes silver the world’s most undervalued metal. Watch the full episode to learn more. Click the Video Below to Watch Make sure you don’t miss a […]


Goldman Sachs Shades Gold For Bitcoin As Store Of Value

Goldman Sachs Shades Gold For Bitcoin As Store Of Value A Goldman Sachs (GS) research note published on January 5, 2022, has captured headlines on the major news websites along with Twitter. The note suggests that gold currently holds 80% of the market for money-seeking exposure to “store of value” markets whilst Bitcoin now holds […]


Gold In 2022- Very Bullish Chart Patterns Developing

Chris Vermeulen of joins Dave Russell to discuss charts that could help us interpret future moves in the gold and silver market. In this episode, we look at stock markets, bond markets, cryptocurrencies, oil prices, and of course precious metals. Click the Video Below to Watch Make sure you don’t miss a single episode… […]


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