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A Showdown in Gold Is Imminent

The industry-leading In Gold We Trust Report was released this week. So convinced are the authors “that the monetary and geopolitical situation as well as the chart development of the gold price suggest that a showdown in gold is imminent” that the 2023 report is entitled “Showdown”. This is arguably one of (if not the) […]


Listen: The Case For Gold and How To Buy It

This week Stephen Flood, GoldCore CEO, spoke to Stuart Berryhill of the Money Vision U podcast. Money Vision U is a financial literacy podcast that describes itself as the “financial class you should have in High School”. We think that one of the best things you can do for people today is to give them […]


Three Factors Driving Gold Higher

Gold is on the cusp of setting a new all time high – and the current economic and financial environment provides three key factors that are bullish for gold to move higher.  1. Monetary policy is being forced to ease as bank problems continue and waning economic growth Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholders meeting was held […]


Fed’s Vulnerability is Gold’s Strength

We discuss the Federal Reserve often because the more the Fed tries to ‘undo’ its past policy mistakes and alters the markets through its poor policies, the more gold and silver prices are likely to rise! Yesterday’s meeting is an example: the more the Fed Chairman spoke the more the metals prices rose. As largely […]


Will this be the gold standard of the modern age?

More often than not, the international trade and currency system works to the benefit of the US and its friends, whilst others have to take what they can. ‘No more!’ seems to be the message from countries outside of the Western world. But it is more than an expression of frustration. Deals are being done, […]


Has the IMF Told the World to Buy Gold?

Gold and silver prices have risen sharply over the last month in response to the banking problems, a lower dollar and the expectation that central bank policy will ease in coming months. And the latest from the IMF suggests that there is more to come. If the IMF (International Monetary Fund) forecasts are right, gold […]


3 Reasons Why Patrick Karim is Bullish on Gold

GoldCore TV viewers absolutely love it when we have Patrick Kerim on the show. Last time Dave Russell spoke to him things were looking very different to how they are today, and that was just three months ago. So with Q1 behind us and Q2 already flying by we thought it would be great to […]


Has gold finally caught fire?

From the desk of GoldCore CEO, Stephen Flood This morning gold moved above $2,000/oz. The previous intraday high (seen in 2020) was $2,080. If you saw our recent interview with Patrick Karim then you might be recalling his comments that a close here on a monthly basis would signify a break of a trend line […]


After the euphoria and profit taking comes the panic

This week everyone has been reminded why they choose to invest in gold and buy silver. As markets reacted to Silicon Valley Bank’s demise, the near-collapse of Credit Suisse and the ensuing panic of policymakers, investors and depositors, gold, and silver have come to the fore. Why did they climb in the price? Because this […]


GoldCore joins the LBMA

“LBMA is delighted to welcome Goldcore as an affiliate member and our first member in Ireland.” Ruth Crowell with GoldCore CEO Stephen Flood.  I am delighted to announce that GoldCore has been accepted as a member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). This recognition highlights our significant contribution to the global precious metals market, […]


Reading the Signs: Is the US Economy Headed for Recession?

Yesterday’s events of the U.S. dollar making yet more gains whilst gold and silver prices tumbled, have caught the attention of investors around the world. This sudden shift in the markets is attributed to Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s testimony to Congress, where he increased the likelihood of further rate hikes… With this news, investors are […]


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