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Safety Deposit Boxes – Sentinel Vaults and GoldCore Special Offer

Since our foundation in 2003, we have had many Irish clients asking us whether we would safekeep their valuables and bullion at a location in Ireland. We’ve explored various options over the years. None of them were deemed sufficiently secure whereby we could confidently recommend them.

Sentinel Vaults in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

That has now changed and we are delighted to announce the availability of a new service in Ireland which allows our clients to keep their valuables and bullion safe. Valuables that should be kept in fully insured safety deposit boxes include important legal documents (wills, property deeds, share certificates etc.), family heirlooms, jewellery, art works, memorabilia, stamps, memory sticks, bitcoin, ‘rainy day’ cash and, of course, bullion coins and bars.

In addition, clients can now take delivery and collect gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars from a secure vault in Dublin.

GoldCore Is Partnering With Ireland’s Premiere Safety Deposit Box Facility – Sentinel Vaults


GoldCore only work with the safest counterparties globally and after much due diligence of the two providers in Ireland, we are confident that Sentinel Vaults offers the safest safety deposit box facility.

Why Sentinel Vaults?

Accreditation – Sentinel Vaults is the only safe deposit box facility in Ireland that is certified, registered and accredited. They have passed strict due diligence and international compliance standards to operate as custodians of safekeeping.

Convenience – 7-day service with secure parking and a VIP entrance available on request.

Customer protection – Contents of the safety deposit box are held on bailment for the customer.

Bullion collection service – Collect your coins and bars from Sentinel Vaults.

Type of vault – Sentinel Vaults is Ireland’s first and only independent safety deposit facility inside an original bank vault. The vault was purpose-built for AIB at St. Martin’s House. The facility has been upgraded to surpass bank security standards, and is monitored offsite 24/7 by Chubb.

Storage In Ireland Compliments Delivery and International Storage
This is not an alternative to GoldCore Secure Storage (Zurich, Hong Kong, London, and recently launched Singapore) or Perth Mint Certificates. Rather, it is complimentary because many Secure Storage clients and Perth Mint Certificate holders wish to keep their valuables and some of their bullion closer to home as a ‘rainy day’ fund and as further financial insurance against worst case scenarios.

This new service also compliments our delivery service. It will be useful to those who have already taken delivery of bullion but are uncomfortable with taking possession of more. Or those who feel that they may have too much bullion or other valuables in their personal possession – be that their home, office or other place of work. They may wish to store some of their valuable possessions, including important documents, closer to home in safety deposit boxes in Dublin that they can visit, inspect and from where they can collect their valuables.

Safety Deposit Boxes in Sentinel Vaults in Ballsbride, Dublin 4

It should be noted that GoldCore are not responsible for the provision of the service offered by Sentinel Vaults. It should also be noted that this is not a professional bullion storage service, rather it is a valuable safe keeping service. Bullion held in this way is outside the chain of integrity and bullion that is kept in safety deposit boxes is less liquid. This means that when you decide to sell your bullion, it will take longer than if the bullion is stored in Singapore, Zurich, Hong Kong, London or Perth.

We believe that the new service is suited to clients who wish to keep their valuables safe and some of their bullion from the risk of tampering, fire, flood and theft. It is ideal for clients who wish to safekeep bullion up to a value of €30,000 in Ireland

As select partners of Sentinel Vaults, we have negotiated a special wholesale rate of which our clients can avail for the next 30 days. You do not need to be a current GoldCore client; you can avail of this offer as long as you open an account with Sentinel Vaults through us.

Small box @ €189 for a 12 month contract

This represents over 5% discount as the standard price is €199 for 12 months. After the initial 12 month contract, the rate will be €199 per annum thereafter.

Medium @ €359 – Large @ €404 boxes – Extra Large @ €584 – Jumbo @ €1,034

Sentinel Vaults’ prices are €399 (Medium) to €1,149 (Jumbo) for 12 months. Sentinel Vaults are offering a 10% discount off the standard price, exclusively for GoldCore customers. Once availed of, the 10% discount on the medium, large, extra-large and jumbo boxes will be for life.

Additional offer
As Bank of Ireland has announced that they have withdrawn their safekeeping service, it is likely that all the other banks will withdraw their safekeeping and safe deposit services.

GoldCore have negotiated a special, limited offer with Sentinel Vaults exclusively for GoldCore customers. If you already have a safety deposit box with another bank or with another provider, Sentinel Vaults will also honour the remaining duration of your existing contract – i.e. if 6 months is left on your existing contract, you will get 6 months added to your new contract with Sentinel Vaults. In order words, in this example, you will get 18 months for the price of 12, when you open a new account.

Open An Account
You can find the account opening form here. Please complete the one page form, and return it by email (scanned), by post, or drop into our office. We will then have your account set up. When you first visit Sentinel Vaults you will be expected to provide your proof of identity and address in order to finalise the account opening process and can deposit your valuables in your safety deposit box.

We are confident that bullion will continue to protect those who own it as part of an overall diversification strategy. Everybody needs a ‘rainy day fund’ in the event of bail-ins like in Cyprus, “bank holidays”, capital controls and a currency or systemic crisis. Having some of your wealth, including cash and some bullion coins and bars purely for financial insurance reasons, in a safety deposit box is an important part of that strategy.

Mark O'Byrne
Executive Director


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