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“I’m always a bit nervous when gold prices rise this much, this fast,” said Mark O’Byrne, marketing director of bullion dealer GoldCore Ltd. “But there certainly is healthy demand from China and the futures market — I think we should break highs above $1,400 later in the year.” (BloombergQuint)

Irish-based Goldcore said fears over a correction in London home prices have sparked more worries about overpriced markets, and some of its UK-based clients are buying gold to hedge as a result. (Irish Examiner)

Once the Fed “is out of the way, we expect people to start talking about the everything-bubble again, and about the implication for havens when it bursts…” said GoldCore (Bloomberg)

Russia continues stocking up on gold under Putin’s strategy (Russia Today)

An interview with GoldCore founder, Mark O’Byrne (Daily Reckoning)

Irish Gold Broker GoldCore Tops Sales of $1bn (The Irish Times)

Gold Fails To Hold Above Key $1,300 Level, Posts Daily, Weekly Losses (MarketWatch)

Palladium Has Rallied To Levels Not Seen In 16 Years (MarketWatch)

Gold Settles Lower As Caution Over The Fed Caps Upside (MarketWatch)

Mining Investment Europe: Industry experts and investors head to Frankfurt (Business Review Europe)

“The political mess in the U.S. is finally impacting U.S. and global markets,” said GoldCore (MarketWatch)

Animal spirits starting to wake up, says GoldCore (Bloomberg)


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