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Mining Investment Europe: Industry experts and investors head to Frankfurt (Business Review Europe)

“The political mess in the U.S. is finally impacting U.S. and global markets,” said GoldCore (MarketWatch)

Animal spirits starting to wake up, says GoldCore (Bloomberg)

“140 characters of unfiltered Trump is likely to create tensions with America’s largest trading partners” said GoldCore (Bloomberg)

Islamic finance set to change gold market

New Islamic finance guidance on gold emphasises real deal

(MarketWatch)Could lead to hedge funds and traders tightening stop loss orders or even going short, which could pressurize gold in the short term,

(MarketWatch)On a technical level, gold prices did mark a second consecutive week of gains, which is bullish,

(Financial Post)Given the backdrop of one of the most uncertain macroeconomic, systemic, geopolitical and monetary outlooks both the U.S. and the world have ever seen, we are likely to see gold do well in its traditionally seasonal strong period,

(Max Keiser)Max interviews Mark O’Byrne of about the arrival of Nirp in Ireland and the return of high rental costs.

(ETF Daily News)Investors are gobbling up recently-introduced Australian silver kangaroo coins, with demand beginning to outstrip supply.

(Bloomberg)“Macroeconomic risk and geopolitical risk were already setting gold and silver up for a good year – the Brexit fall out has just been the icing on the cake,”


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